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Elm, American

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    Introduced in 1752, the American Elm has established itself as a tree of great beauty. Unfortunately, the American Elm is often susceptible to insects and disease and a suitable substitute has yet to be discovered.

Scientific Name Ulmus americana
Common Name Elm, American
Size 60-80 feet with a spread of 1/2 to 2/3's the height.
Habit Vase-shaped with the trunk dividing into several limbs which terminate in many slender branchlets.
Flower Perfect, greenish red, in fascicle of 3 or 4. March, not showy.
Leaf Alternate, simple, ovate-oblong. 3-6" long, 1-3" wide. Doubly serrate, lustrous dark green.
Fruit Dish-shaped samara, 1-2" long. Greenish with fringed hairs. Matures in May through June.
Bark Dark gray with deep, intersecting ridges.
Fall Color Yellow with great variation in intensity.